The 11th Annual IPA Fest At Coopers Alehouse Is Almost Here – UPDATED WITH FULL DRAFT LIST


Each year, Cooper’s Alehouse on Lake City Way holds an IPA Fest, featuring a wide range of different IPA’s from around the Northwest and the country.  This year, from April 5th through the 26th will be their 11th annual IPA fest.  As a serious hop-head, my taste buds are tingling in anticipation.

There will be over 70+ different IPA’s pouring throughout the fest, with samplers, tastings and special events all month long.  No precise schedule for when each beer will be tapped has been provided by Cooper’s, but this is intentional.  In most cases, when it’s announced beforehand that a coveted or ‘rare’ beer is going on tap, it tends to disappear more quickly than if you just happen to ‘find’ it on tap.  Cooper’s doesn’t want that to happen, so if you’re looking for a particularly coveted or rare IPA, you’ll just have to decide what day(s) and time(s) to head down to Cooper’s and see if you get lucky.

UPDATE – The tap list has arrived!  Here is the quite extensive tap list for this year’s festival:

  • 1. 21st Amendment Brew Free or Die IPA-7%, 70 IBU’s-West coast IPA brewed with six different hops. Nicely bittered with a clean finish…5
    2. 10 Barrel Apocalypse IPA-Bend, OR-6.5%, 65 IBU’s-Fruity hop flavor with a toasty malt balance. Drinkable NW style IPA…5
    3. Airways Sky Hag Imperial IPA-Kent, WA-7.8%, 99 IBU’s-Big dry-hopped, well-bittered IPA…5.5
    4. American Brewing Breakaway IPA-Edmonds, WA-7%, 90IBU’s-Citrusy hop profile with a light malt balance…5
    5. Alaskan HOPothermia-Juneau, AK-8.5%, 70 IBU’s-Intense yet balanced, not overly hoppy, big malt backbone…6
    6. American Brewing Power Play Double IPA-Edmonds, WA-9.5%-Piney and chewy with a touch of caramel sweetness…6
    7. Anacortes IPA-Anacortes, WA-6.1%, 118 IBU’s-Columbus, Cascade, and Simcoe hops bitter this well balanced NW style IPA …5
    8. Anderson Valley Heelch O’Hops-Boonville, CA-8.7%-Sweet, malty body and backbone with a bitter hop flavor and finish…6
    9. Avery Maharaja Imperial IPA-Boulder, CO-10.2%, 102 IBU’s-Huge Imperial IPA with big, forward hop flavors and a deep malt finish. A BIG beer…6.5
    10. Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA-Healdsburg, CA-7%, 70+ IBU’s-Award winning American IPA. Heavily hopped with a clean finish…5.25
    11. Big Al’s IPA-Seattle-7.3%, 80 IBU’s-Nugget, Cascade, and Fuggle hops give this beer a citrusy nose and finish…5
    12. Black Raven Trickster IPA-Redmond, WA-7%, 70 IBU’s-Well balanced, yet fully hopped IPA. Citrus, pine, and fruit aroma…5
    13. Black Raven Wisdom Seeker-Redmond, WA-9%, 90 IBU’s-NW style double IPA. Huge hop flavor and aroma…7
    14. Boneyard RPM IPA-Bend, OR-7.5%, 75 IBU’s-Pineapple and citrus aroma followed with a big, dry-hopped flavor…5
    15. Boneyard Hop Venom-Bend, OR-10%, 80 IBU’s-Classic west coast double IPA. Huge hop aromas and flavor with big malt balance…6
    16. Boneyard Notorious Triple IPA-Bend, OR-12%, 80 IBU’s-Massive, complex brew with a huge hop flavor balanced by a big malt body…6
    17. Boulder Mojo Risin IPA (Nitro)-Boulder, CO-10%, 100 IBU’s-Massive beer balanced with the subtlety of nitrogen gas…7/20 oz
    18. Bridgeport Hop Czar-Portland, OR-7.5%, 85 IBU’s-Solid malt background with big floral, citrusy hop aroma and finish…5
    19. Burnside IPA-Portland, OR-6.6%, 84 IBU’s-Pine and grapefruit hop flavors with a solid malt body…5
    20. Caldera IPA-Ashland, OR-6.1%, 94 IBU’s-American style IPA with a big, assertive hop profile and solid body…5
    21. Coronado Idiot IPA-Coronado, CA-8.5%, 90 IBU’s-Big, brawny IPA with tons of hop bitterness and just a touch of malt…6
    22. Deschutes Hop Henge Experimental IPA-Bend, OR-10.6%, 95 IBU’s-Tons of Cascade and Centennial hops bitter this huge, dry hopped beer…6
    23. Deschutes Inversion IPA-Bend, OR-6.8%, 80IBU’s-Citrusy aroma and flavor with nice malt balance and clean hop finish…5
    24. Diamond Knot XIPA-8.1%, 80 IBU’s-Twice the hops as their regular IPA with a grapefruit tinged hoppiness. One of the NW’s 1st big IPA’s…5.25
    25. Diamond Knot Shipwreck-Mukilteo, WA-9%, 100 IBU’s-DK’s huge IPA. Big, floral hop flavors with oak aged malt flavors…5
    26. Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA-Milton, DE-9%, 90 IBU’s-An amped up version of their 60 Minute. Lots of resin-y hop flavor…6
    27. Double Mountain Molten Lava-Hood River, OR-9.4%, 90 IBU’s-Their most aggressive brew. Citrus nose with hop flavor throughout…6
    28. Double Mountain Clusterfuck-Hood River, OR-7.3%, ? IBU’s-A hop forward IPA made with hop clusters throughout …5.5
    29. Epic Imperial
    30. Fort George Vortex IPA-Astoria, OR-7.7%, ? IBU’s-Big hops on the front and back, with mild maltiness…5
    31. Firestone Walker Double Jack-Paso Robles, CA-9.5%, ? IBU’s-Big tangerine and grapefruit bitterness with a solid malt middle…6.5
    32. Elysian Prometheus Stolen Fire IPA-Seattle-6.7%, 60 IBU’s-Bitter but delicious brew. Hop forward, slightly malty beer…5
    33. Fort George Beta 2.1 PA-Astoria, OR-6.5%-A touch of Belgian yeast gives this beer a light fruitiness. Plenty of hop flavor too…5
    34. Fremont Interurban IPA-Seattle,WA-6.2%-A “session” IPA. Organic Gambrinus malt with a strong hop character. Clean and crisp…5
    35. Fremont The Sister Imperial IPA-Seattle-8.5%-Huge Calypso and Bravo hop flavor and aroma with a solid malt base…6
    36. Georgetown Lucille IPA-Seattle, WA-7.2%, 80 IBU’s-A big NW IPA. Very citrusy hop flavor with light malting…5
    37. Georgetown Lovely Reida Imperial IPA-Seattle-10%, 100+ IBU’s-Twice as much malt and 10x as many hops as their regular IPA. A Beast!…6.5
    38. Gigantic IPA-Portland, OR-7.3%-Lighter bodied with nice citrus flavor. Decent malt balance and finish for a NW style IPA…5
    39. Good Life Descender IPA-Bend, OR-7%, 70 IBU’s-A “Hop Burst” (their term) of a beer. Nice hop forward NW style IPA…5
    40. Great Divide Hercules Double IPA-Denver, CO-10%, 85 IBU’s-Huge hop front and finish with a nutty, malty sweetness…5.75
    41. Green Flash West Coast IPA-San Diego CA-7%, 95 IBU’s-Well hopped, citrusy, American IPA. Flagship beer from an adventurous brewery…5
    42. Green Flash Imperial IPA-San Diego, CA-9.4%, 101 IBU’s-“San Diego style IPA”. Heavily hopped yet drinkable…6
    43. Green Flash Palate Wrecker-San Diego, CA-9.5%, 100+ IBU’s-Super hoppy and complex. A big, brutal brew…6.5
    44. Hale’s Supergoose IPA-Seattle-7.1%-Big, hop forward double IPA. Nice malt balance too…5
    45. Harmon Hops O’March IPA-Tacoma, WA-A rare treat in Seattle. Solid malt backbone bittered with five types of hops…5
    46. He’Brew Hop Manna IPA-Brooklyn, NY-6.8%, 65 IBU’s-Floral and citrus hop aroma, light malt body, bright dry hopped finish…5
    47. Lagunitas IPA-Petaluma, CA-6.2%, 46 IBU’s-Well hopped, citrusy, American IPA. Flagship beer from an adventurous brewery…5
    48. Lagunitas Hop Stoopid-Petaluma, CA-8%, ? IBU’s-Massive hop presence up front with just enough malt balance…6
    49. Laurelwood Workhorse IPA-Portland, OR-7.5%, 80 IBU’s- Over the top hop flavor and aroma. Helped along by dry-hopping in the fermenter…5
    50. Lazy Boy Double Trouble IPA-Seattle-8.3%, 100+ IBU’s-Big, ballsy brew. Super hoppy with a solid malt backbone…5.5
    51. Left Coast Hop Juice-San Clemente, CA-9.7%, ? IBU’s-Sweet hop nose and front with light malting and big hop bitterness…6
    52. Mac & Jack’s Two Tun IPA-Redmond, WA-?%-A hop forward, surprisingly tasty NW IPA…5
    53. Moylan’s Hopsickle IPA-Novato, CA-9.2%, 100+ IBU’s-“Triple Hoppy” Imperial IPA. Big, bold, and bitter…7
    54. Moylan’s Nor Cal IPA-Novato, CA-6.5%-Slightly malty with strong hop flavor and a crisp finish…6
    55. Naked City Cry Me a River-Seattle-10%-Huge floral and fruity nose, malty body, and lingering hop finish…6
    the beer up…6
    56. New Belgium Rampant IPA-Ft. Collins, CO-8.5%, 85 IBU’s-Big, brutal IPA. Strong fruit hoppiness with just a touch of malt sweetness to stand
    57. Ninkasi Babylon Double IPA-Eugene, OR-9.1%, 100 IBU’s-English version of a NW double IPA. Huge malt and hop flavors…6
    58. No-Li Born & Raised IPA-Spokane, WA-7%, 80 IBU’s-Nice hop aroma and flavor throughout with a sweet, complex malt balance…5
    59. No-Li Jet Star Imperial IPA-Spokane, WA-8.1%, 90 IBU’s-Simple malt base to showcase a huge hop profile. Slightly sweet malt with complex
    60. Oakshire Watershed IPA-Eugene, OR-7.1%, 75 IBU’s-A piney, hop forward, NW style IPA…5
    61. Old Schoolhouse Ruud Awakening IPA-Winthrop, WA-7.2%, 80 IBU’s-Piney, citrusy, hop forward American style IPA…6
    62. Oskar Blues Gubna Imperial IPA-Longmont, CO-10%, 100 IBU’s-Three malts and just Summit hops are used. Still, a hoppy beast…7.5
    63. Port Mongo Double IPA-San Marcos, CA-8.5%, 99 IBU’s-Massive hop flavor with barely a hint of malt in the finish…6.5
    64. Rogue XS Imperial IPA-Newport, OR-9.5%, 75 IBU’s-Big, floral, citrusy hop aroma and bitterness. Solid, pale malt backbone…6
    65. Schooner Exact 3 Grid IPA-Seattle-6.5%, 77 IBU’s-A slightly malt-ier version of a traditional NW IPA…5
    66. Seven Seas Rude Parrot IPA-Gig Harbor, WA-5.9%, 75 IBU’s-Tropical, fruity aroma with a pleasantly bitter finish…5
    67. Seven Seas Ballz Deep Double IPA-Gig Harbor, WA-8.4%, 82 IBU’s-English style double IPA with a NW hop profile…6
    68. Sierra Nevada Hoptimum-Chico, CA-10.4%, 100 IBU’s-Huge, hop forward, high test IPA. Made with Sierra’s own hop variety…6.5
    69. Silver City Whoop Ass Double IPA-Silverdale, WA-9%-Big. hop forward (Cascade and Columbus), high test IPA…5.5
    70. Snipes Mountan IPA-Sunnyside, WA-5.6%-Really well balanced, with a nice hop aroma and finish…5.25
    71. Snoqaulmie Wildcat IPA-Snoqualmie, WA-6.6%, 75 IBU’s-Solid malt base stands up to the intense hop bittering. A solid NW IPA…5
    72. Sound Humulo Nimbus-Poulsbo, WA-8.5%, 75 IBU’s-Huge, upfront hop flavor with a clean malt finish…5.75
    73. Southern Tier XIPA-Lakewood, NY-8.2%-Four hops and three malts flavor this citrusy double IPA from back east…5.25
    74. Stone Enjoy By 4.20.13 Double IPA-Escondido, CA-9.4%, ? IBU’s-Drink this NOW…6.75
    75. Stone Ruination-Escondido, CA-7.7%, 100+ IBU’s-“A liquid poem to the glory of the hop”. A hop monster…7
    76. Trade Route Hoppy Bitch IPA-Pacific, WA-6.3%, 80 IBU’s-Balanced IPA with four malts and strong hop bitterness…5.25
    77. Two Beers Forester Double IPA-Seattle-8.8%, 92 IBU’s-Piney, citrus aroma with a solid malt base. A “NW style” double…5.5
    78. Uinta Crooked Line Detour Double IPA-Salt Lake City, UT-9.5%, 74 IBU’s-Big hop flavor, solid malt balance, not super floral…6
    79. Widmer Nelson Imperial IPA-Portland, OR-8.6%, 70 IBU’s-Made with New Zealand’s Nelson Sauvin hops, a sweet malt base with a big hop profile…6

Cooper’s also has plenty of great food to pair with your IPA selections.  Some of my favorites from their menu include:

Cooper Bird
6oz grilled chicken breast topped with bacon, tomato and Swiss, served on grilled sourdough.

Steak Sandwich
Thin sliced tri tip covered in mushrooms and Swiss and served on a toasted French roll with au jus.

Thin sliced corned beef (or sub turkey) topped with red onions, sauerkraut and Swiss, served with 1000 Island and horseradish on grilled rye.

Sliders served with grilled onions and cheese. (3 for $4.50 – 6 for $7.50)

The sliders listed above are my favorite sliders around.  They aren’t just meat, cheese & a bun.  They come with grilled onions (as listed above), plus lettuce, tomato and pickles – full burger fixin’s.  They’ll definintely fill you up.  Happy Hour at Cooper’s is from 2 PM to 6 PM, Monday thru Friday and includes $1 off all draught & spirits, $3 off pitchers and a great $5 and under Happy Hour menu (which includes their amazing sliders listed above, as well as other appetizers.)  The full tap list for this year’s fest is now listed above.  Until the fest arrives, enjoy the cold start to our Sping (today is the first day of Spring), but warm up your taste buds for some serious hops come April.

Cooper’s Alehouse
8065 Lake City Way NE
Seattle, WA  98115
Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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