Penumbra Beer Bash: The Seattle Beer And Music Festival


Penumbra: “(Definition-a partial shadow, as in an eclipse, between regions of complete shadow and complete illumination) – AKA the darkness that defines the silver lining.”

We’re fortunate here in the Northwest to have a plethora of craft beer festivals and events; far too many to name them all here.  You can usually find at least one craft beer-related festival or other event going on somewhere around the Sound just about every week/weekend of the year (and often, far more than just one).  We also have a few notable music festivals in town but, so far, nobody has successfully combined both types of events into a single beer and music festival that does justice to both the beer and the  music.  Penumbra is here to change that.

Set for Saturday, March 16th at King’s Hall, the Penumbra Beer Bash pulls together over 25 (and counting) breweries – mostly from Washington and Oregon – with at least half a dozen bands, promising to be Seattle’s first true Northwest beer and music festival.  Brought to you by The Stranger and The World is Fun, Penumbra is set to rock both your taste buds and your eardrums, all while raising funds for The World is Fun, a local non-profit organization working to build a better community within Seattle.

The breweries Confirmed so far fo Penumbra include:

  • Gigantic – Portland, OR
  • Big Al – White Center, WA
  • Boneyard – Bend, OR
  • Fremont – Seattle, WA
  • Cascade – Portland, OR
  • Silver City – Silverdale, WA
  • Odin – South Park, WA
  • Elysian – Seattle, WA
  • Fort George – Astoria, OR
  • Naked City Ninkasi – Eugene, OR
  • Bellevue – Bellevue, WA
  • Pike – Seattle, WA
  • Schooner Exact – Seattle, WA
  • McMenamin’s – Seattle, WA
  • New Belgium – Fort Collins, CO
  • Full Sail – Hood River, OR
  • Hale’s Ales – Seattle, WA
  • HUB – Portland, OR
  • No-Li – Spokane, WA
  • Machine House – Seattle, WA
  • Hilliard’s – Seattle, WA
  • Urban Family – Seattle, WA
  • 7 Seas – Gig Harbor, WA

Also on hand for the event will be CommuniTea, serving Kombucha tea, as well as a randall competition.  There will be 12 beers, 12 randalls and loads of different specialty ingredients, giving you 12 flavor-infused beers.  The randall competition is brought to you by The Pine Box, who holds many of their own randall events such as last December’s ‘The 12 Randalls of Christmas’ event.

The bands confirmed for Penumbra include:

The Catheters:
“The Catheters were a raucous Seattle punk band that dissolved with a fistfight onstage at the Sunset Tavern in 2004. Since then, they have sought therapy, gotten proper haircuts and have reunited because they heard there will be free beer at this thing.”

“Raucous and rowdy, the Pleasureboaters bust through conventional rock walls with riff bulldozers and kick drum sledgehammers. Destruction at its finest.”

“They say it’s a fusion of Go-Go’s meets The Monkees. But really this four piece is more electric than when Kurt met Courtney.”

“Wimps are a Seattle three-piece that inject catchy, neurotic punk songs with catchy crack-pop sensibilities.”

La Luz:
“La Luz captivated the scene last summer with their sweet, surfy pop rock. Think edgy Dick Dale and the Shangri-Las in a spaghetti western stand-off.”

Prizim Tats:
“Ex-Koko and the Sweetmeats singer and guitarist G Vandercrimp goes solo, mastering the art of minimalism for maximum impact.”

There will also be DJ sets by Peel Slowly: “Psyche/garage/pop/soul/surf/funk and more by DJ Fentar, DJ Squid Vicious and DJ Kool Mike B.”  So you’ll have no shortage of great sounds to go with all those great suds.

There are two ticket levels for Penumbra Beer Bash.  $25 ($35 at the door) gets you admission to the event, 7 beer taster tokens and a souvenir tasting cup.  For $40 ($50 at the door), you get a VIP pass which includes 10 beer tokens, VIP entry to the bash, and the randall flight of 12 unique infused beers.  VIP tickets are limited so act fast.  Tickets can be purchased via Stranger Tickets or at the door.  Advance tickets are recommended, however, since the event is expected to sell out.  Also, purchasing your tickets at the door will cost you an extra $10 per ticket level.

Drink tokens for additional craft beer tastes may be purchased for $1.50 each.  Alternatively, you can get 4 tastes for $5 or, your best bet, 10 tastes for $10.

If you get hungry while at Penumbra, there will be several area food trucks on hand, including: Skillet, ChopStix, Seattle Biscuit Company and Hallava Falafel.

Also, one important note on photography from Penumbra: “No commercial or flash photography of any kind is permitted. Camcorders or any other audio/visual equipment is prohibited unless authorized by team/promoter or performer.”  So, please keep this in mind and leave your cameras at home.

Visit the official Penumbra Beer Bash website for additional information, and buy your tickets today.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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