Foggy Noggin Brewing Celebrates Their 3rd Anniversary On March 16th


Foggy Nogging Brewing out of Bothell, Washington is one of the World’s smallest production breweries and probably the smallest in the Puget Sound area.  A true nano-brewery, they brew all their beers on a 1/2 BBL system.  This means that they brew just a single keg of beer at a time.  This is a labor of love to be sure, but provides Foggy Noggin’s fans with consistently high quality brews, carefully crafted by brewmaster Jim Jamison.

They’ve been at it now for nearly three years (though established in 2008, Foggy Noggin Brewing did not open their doors to the public until 2010), and the time has come once again to celebrate.  On Saturday, March 16th from 1-4PM, Foggy Noggin Brewing will celebrate their third anniversary.  To mark the occasion, as they have for their past two anniversary celebrations, Foggy Noggin will be releasing their 2013 Anniversary Ale.  It’s an English Olde Ale and only 38 cases are being released from the Foggy Noggin tasting room.  A limited number of kegs will also be appearing at selected local craft beer events over the next couple of months (follow Foggy Noggin Brewing on Facebook for info about when and where).

Foggy Noggin's 3rd Anniversary Englihs Style Olde Ale

Foggy Noggin’s 3rd Anniversary Englihs Style Old Ale

During the anniversary celebration, they will also have available one keg of their 2011 and one keg of their 2012 Anniversary Ales on tap for you to enjoy.  Also, keep an eye on Foggy Noggin’s Facebook page for information about a special and very limited event: a private, vertical tasting, with all three versions of their anniverary ale.  This special event will take place a day before the anniversary celebration, Friday, March 15th, 2013.

Also, according to Foggy Noggin, in case you get hungry during the celebration:

The Jerk Station ( will serving up fantastic food (for purchase) during our Anniversary Celebration. The Jerk Station is Seattle’s First, Authentic Caribbean Food Truck. Classic flavors mixed with Caribreoso creativity, The Jerk Station is sure to provide you with a one of a kind eating experience.

For thsoe of you unfamliar with where to find Foggy Noggin Brewing, their taproom is located at:

22329 53rd Ave SE
Bothell, WA 98021
Phone: 425-486-1070

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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