Firestone Walker Ugly Sweater Party At Brouwer’s Cafe

Do you enjoy Winter get-togethers and Firestone Walker Brewing Company beers?  Then don’t miss the Firestone Walker Ugly Sweater Party, happing on Friday, November 23rd at Brouwer’s Cafe.  This will be one of, if not the first place in Washington you’ll be able to find Firestone Walker’s XVIth Anniversary Ale, which was just released, on tap. 

That’s One Ugly Sweater!

According to Brouwer’s Cafe:

It starts at 2pm, we have put together some nice prizes for the Ugliest Sweater.  Prizes will be given away throughout the day, and the major prizes will be announce between 5 and 6 pm that day.  We will be pouring 10 different draft options from them including but not limited to: Union Jack, Pale 31, Double Jack, Wookey Jack, Double DBA, XVI, and some other yet to be determined options, that will not disappoint.

I’m already curious what some of those ‘yet to be determined’ options might be.  I’m hoping they’ll include some of Firestone Walker’s more rare on-tap offerings (usually only available at the Firestone Walker brewery) including:

  • Stickee Monkee (Known coloquially as an ‘Imperial Barleywine’.  Woah!)
  • Reginald Brett (with Brettanomyces yeast.)
  • Luponic Distortion (A Mix of Double Jack & Union Jack – then dry-hopped.)
  • SLOAmbic (A new, and rare, Lambic from FW.)
  • Agresic Ale (A new, and rare, sour from FW.)
  • Heldorado (Golden Barleywine.)

Which of these amazing specialy beers might show up?  It’s anybody’s guess.  You’ll have to make it down to Brouwer’s on the 23rd to find out.  So get into your closet, find the absolutely ugliest holiday sweater you can find and head on down to Brouwer’s for an evening of holiday fun and great beers. 

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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