Halloween Choices For Craft Beer Lovers

Are you one of those people who never outgrew Halloween; someone who dresses up each year in an elaborate costume, sometimes to the point of non-recognition?  Or are you the more reserved type, prefering to just observe while you go about your business dressed as usual (or, as Wednesday Adams put it: “I’m a homicidal maniac- they look just like everyone else.”)?  Either way, weekday or not, there will be a lot of people out tomorrow night to celebrate Halloween.  If you’ll be one of them, do you know where you’re going yet?  Here are a few optiosn for you (this is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all Halloween gatherings aroud Seattle):

Halloween Costume Party & Double Feature at Naked City Brewery & Taphouse:

Sponsored by AtmosFEARfx, this event at Naked City Brewery & Taphouse looks to be a really fun evening for all.  According to the events page of their website:

Join us in the Naked City “Screaming” Room on Wednesday, October 31 for a FREE double-feature screening of Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness – each shown with an extra-special twist! Both of these classic films will feature a unique live audio accompaniment from two local performers, Power Skeleton and DJ Nicfit, and to help us create the ultimate Halloween experience, the folks from AtmosFEARfx will be transforming the pub with a slew of bad-ass digital projectio…

ns (You can check them out here: http://atmosfearfx.com/.)Kicking off the night is Power Skeleton. This experimental noise band is bringing in a special selection of musicians from its long list of members to perform a new soundtrack to Evil Dead 2, featuring drums, keyboards, samplers, vocalists, bass, and much more. (Don’t worry, though – you’ll still be able to hear the movie.) Power Skeleton rocked the Screaming Room last month with their original Evil Dead soundtrack, so you won’t want to miss this encore!Next up is Naked City’s own DJ Nicfit. Nick will play a special turntablistic DJ set created especially for the Army of Darkness. (To help you follow along, we’ll turn the subtitles on.) SIFF has called Nicfit’s movie DJ sets “mesmerizing” and “innovative”, which makes this one a Halloween must-see.Oh, and when you swing by, be sure to come in costume – prizes will be awarded to our best-dressed guest! We’ll be announcing more details throughout the month, so RSVP now to stay on top of the news.

In case you missed it, this awesome event is completely FREE, so spread the word to all of your friends and come out to help us celebrate one of our favorite holidays, Naked City-style. Let the battle for the couch seats begin!

Great craft beer, ‘enhanced’ scary movies, costume constest and more all for free?  What more could you want for an evening of Halloween fun? 

Halloween Party at The Pine Box:

From the events page of The Pine Box’s website:

 Why would you not come drink beer in an old Funeral Parlor on Halloween?   We’ll have a bunch of Pumpkin Beers on tap and good times to be had!

Lining up Pumpkin Beers for the night. So far in the cellar we have:
Southern tier Pumking
Elysian Night Owl
Midnight Sun Treat
Elysian Blight
Elysian / Ninkasi Hop Squash
Fort George Durnkin PumpkinI’ll keep updating the list as they come in.

A Halloween party at an old funeral home?  Who knows what to expect?  Perhaps we’ll have a Bruce Lee sighting or two.  After all, this is where Bruce Lee’s funeral was held back in 1974.  Come on out and have a spooky good time. 

2nd Annual Halloween Bash at The Dog & Pony Alehouse:

Despite their lack of updates on their website, tomorrow will indeed be the 2nd Annual Halloween Bash at the Dog & Pony Alehouse in Renton.  There will be lots of costumed attendees, prizes and giveaways and live music from “Four On The Floor”.  If you’re in the South end/don’t want to trek into Seattle on what could be a pretty rainy night, you might want to come check it out.  Boo! 

Annual Halloween Party at Northwest Brewing:

Northwest Brewing down in Pacific, WA (formerly Trade Route Brewing) will be holding their annual Halloween party.  This will be the first annual one under the new ‘Northwest Brewing’ name.  According to their Facebook page:

Tomorrow night is the night!! Our annual Halloween party has arrived and we are ready to DANCE and DRINK the night away! Remember, a costume on gets you your first pint FREE! Can’t wait to see you all!
So remember to wear a costume for your free pint and head on down to Northwest Brewing to party the night away.  This is another great event for those in the South end who might not want to trek into Seattle. 
These are just a few options out there.  Do you have your costume ready?  Since it’s close to home for me and it looks to be a somewhat rainy night, you’ll likely be able to find me at the Dog & Pony Alehouse in Renton. 
Wherever you plan to celebrate – drink responsibly and stay safe out there.  

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