What To Do In Seattle If You Didn’t Make It To GABF

If you’re like me, you weren’t able to make it to this year’s Great American Beer Festival happing over the next three days in Denver, CO.  It’s been difficult reading Facebook and Twitter posts from those I know who are there enjoying themselves, but there’s some consolation to be found right here at home.  Here are a few craft beer related things you can do right here around the Sound this weekend. 

B-Town Brewfest:










The B-Town Brewfest is Washington’s newest beer festival.  It will be held for the first time this coming Saturday, October 13th, at the Burien Community Center in Burien, WA (near Sea-Tac Airport).  For more details on this festival, you can check out the official website or read my post about the festival from yesterday.  If you attend the B-Town Brewfest, stop by the Northwest Brewing/Flying Bike booth for a Hoppy Bitch or a 7 Spoke Stout and I’ll see you there. 

Dogfish Head Tap Takeover At Super Deli Mart:






The best little mini-mart around is at it again.  This weekend, all of the taps at Super Deli Mart (and then some – they usually bring in jockey boxes for these types of events) will be taken over by 15 different Dogfish Head beers.  Thirsty for a pint, a schooner or even a growler of your favorite Dogfish Head beer?  Then this is your event.  Just a few of the beers that will be tapped over the weekend include: 120 Minute IPA, Bitches Brew, Urkontinent, Red & White, Black & Blue and Pearl Jam 20th. 

Be sure to follow Super Deli Mart on Twitter and let them know which Dogfish Head beers you most want to see on tap.  The more requests they get for a particular Dogfish Head beer, the sooner they’ll tap it! 

Hoptoberfest & House IPA Voting At Beveridge Place Pub:









This event kicked off at Beveridge Place Pub on October 4th and features over 20 different rotating taps of Washington State IPAs.  If you’re a Washington hophead, you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy on tap there this month.  This is also the month each year that Beveridge Place Pub selects their ‘House IPA’ for the year.  Here’s how it all works:

  • Come to BPP and order a liter of IPA (OK, a pint is acceptable, too)
  • Get a ballot (one vote per person per day)
  • Repeat as necessary
  • From Oct. 4 – 15, you can nominate any Washington-brewed IPA, even if it’s not currently on tap (no “Imperials”)
  • From Oct 16 – 24, we will provide a primary ballot with the top eight nominees
  • From Oct 25 – Nov 4, we will provide a general election ballot with the top three from the primary

Beveridge Place Pub was also just listed as one of Western Washington’s top 5 beer bars in an article for King5.com’s ‘Best of Western Washington’, so get down to Beveridge Place Pub, have a few IPAs and cast your vote. 

Create Your Own Event!





Western Washington is really a beer-lovers wonderland.  We have so many great, local craft breweries and taprooms and too many of us never take the time to visit many of them.  So, this weekend, I urge you to get out there and visit a local brewery or taproom you haven’t been to before.  If you need suggestions, some of my favorites and a few I’ve been meaning to visit myself include:

So don’t sit and sulk about not being able to make it to Denver.  Get out there this weekend and find yourself a great beer event right here in Western Washington.  I’ll see you out there. 

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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