Watch For Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery’s ‘7 Spoke Stout’ At A Taproom Near You

Flying Bike is Seattle’s first cooperative brewery, and only the second cooperative brewery in the nation besides Black Star out of Austin, Texas.  Flying Bike offers it’s members the chance to be a brewery owner and be an integral part of the ever growing craft beer scene in and around Seattle.  The cooperative currently has approximately 550 members, and continues to grow.  Flying Bike’s goal is to reach 1000 – 1200 members as soon as possible, at which time they should have the necessary funds to secure a location and actually launch the physical brewery. 

Until that time comes, Flying Bike plans to continue holding member homebrew competitions, and then having the winning beer from each competition scaled up and brewed by a local craft brewery.  Their latest beer, dubbed 7 Spoke Stout, was brewed by Flying Bike Coop member and homebrew competition winner, David Flynn, and then scaled up to a 15 barrel batch by their newest brewing partner, Northwest Brewing Company (formerly Trade Route Brewing) out of Pacific, Washington.  The first keg of 7 Spoke Stout went on tap at The Wurst Place – a sausage and beer bar on Westlake Avenue in Seattle – last week, and you should also be able to find it on tap soon at one of my favorite craft beer spots in Seattle, The Pine Box up on Capitol Hill. 

The stout has been described as midnight brown with a fluffy, caramel-colored head, with flavors of coffee, dark chocolate and a roasty/nutty finish.  I had the opportunity to try some myself recently, and it is a pretty darn tasty stout.  A bit lighter in body than some of the heavier stouts around, it’s easy drinking and not overpowering at 5.7% alcohol.  Flying Bike is working hard to get kegs of the 7 Spoke Stout to as many different craft beer spots in Seattle as possible, so be on the lookout for it soon at a craft beer bar/taproom near you.  You’ll be able to recognize it by the tap handle shown above. 

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a brewery yourself, you may also want to look into joining the Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery as a member.  Joining will cost you a one-time owner/membership fee of $150, and once the brewery opens it doors, there will be special benefits for members only (exactly what those benefits will be is still being hammered out).  If you are unfamiliar with the concept, a cooperative is defined as “an autonomous association of persons who voluntarily cooperate for their mutual social, economic, and cultural benefit.”  In this case, the benefit of becoming a brewery owner launching a successful craft brewery and being more involved in Seattle’s wonderful craft beer scene.  I’m a member myself and, in fact, I’m on the Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery Board of Directors.  When 7 Spoke Stout shows up at a craft beer bar near you, give it a try.  Perhaps you’ll be inspired to become a member and help build Seattle’s first cooperative brewery. If you join, I’d appreciate you listing me (Craft Beer Monger) as your referrer.  Thanks. 

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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