Pike Brewing’s Harlot’s Harvest Arrives September 5th

Did you know that Pike Brewing Company was founded in a space that was formerly a brothel?  That’s right.  After a hard days work, locals would come to the LaSalle Hotel, in search of their ‘Harlot’, their ‘Honey’, their ‘Pumpkin’.  And now you can come looking for your ‘Pumpkin’ too!

Harlot’s Harvest Pumpkin Ale, created by Pike Head Brewer, Dead Mochizuki, is set for release on Wednesday, September 5th.  Here is the full release from Pike Brewing Company:

It’s big bold and voluptuous! Pike Harlot”s Harvest reminds us that Pike Brewing was founded in a former brothel. Nellie’s girls who worked at The LaSalle Hotel were sometimes called harlots, though their best customers often affectionately called them “pumpkin”.

Pike head brewer, Dean Mochizuki, created this extraordinary beer using a complex blend of rich and flavorful malts that include: organic pils, organic pale, special b, Vienna, organic caramel, and crystal. To take full advantage of the bounty of the season, Harlot’s Harvest is brewed with the finest Yakima Valley hops, including Nugget for both bitterness and aroma, and Mt. Hood for aroma; and organic pumpkin puree from Stahlbush Island Farms, Corvalis, Oregon and organic brown sugar. It is sensuously seasoned with cassia bark, allspice, vanilla bean, nutmeg, ginger and clove.


O.G: 1.080

ABV: 8.50%

IBU: 30

COLOR: Dark caramel and molasses

AVAILABILITY:  Limited Seasonal, releases September 5, 2012

Draft:  15.5 GAL.

Bottle: 22 oz. Dinner Size

On the palate Harlot’s Harvest is round and rich with a burst of caramel and molasses yielding a smooth sweetness reminiscent of pumpkin pie, and the boldness of a Belgian, monastic-style, strong dark ale. Savor it naked or clothed in the bounty of the season!  To dress it appropriately, Charles Finkel designed the seductive label.

So save the date, and head down to Pike to find your Harlot!  Harlot’s Harvest Pumpkin Ale will be available on tap and in 22oz bottles.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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