Iron Brewer: 7 Seas & Silver City At Beveridge Place Pub On August 30th

Your Iron Brewer Host & Sensei: Gary Sink

Even if you’re not a fan of The Food Network, I’m betting you’ve heard of the show Iron Chef (and Iron Chef America).  These are cooking shows where the chefs are challenged to come up with dishes, using a special ingredient selected by the show.  Well, Beveridge Place Pub in West Seattle holds occasional competitions based on this type of format.  Brewers are pitted against each other, with Beveridge Place Pub selecting the special ingredient(s) they must use.  Then, Beveridge Place patrons get to vote and one brewery is declared champion. 

The last major Iron Brewer competition was held at Beveridge Place Pub back in May during Seattle Beer Week 2012.  The pair ups for that challenge were:

Black Raven vs Odin – Brewing with Blackberry & Lavender

Seven Seas vs Port Townsend – Brewing with Coconut & Lemongrass

Silver City vs Airways – Brewing with Apricot & Almond

The winners for these pairups were:

1: Odin (Blackberry & Lavender)

2: 7 Seas (Coconut & Lemmongrass)

3: Silver City (Apricot & Almond)

Odin‘s win back in May unseated Iron Brewer Champion: Black Raven Brewing who, as you can see below, took their title very seriously.  And though they didn’t win this time, Black Raven inherited the title of Grand Iron Brewer, following seven wins in a row!  Very impressive. 

7 Time Champion: Black Raven Brewing

This next challenge round of Iron Brewer, coming up on August 30th at Beveridge Place Pub, will be a match up between 7 Seas Brewing and Silver City Brewing.  Each are tasked with brewing a beer using the special ingredients of watermelon and saffron.  Which brewer will come out as champion for this round?  Head on down on August 30th to cast your vote! 

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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