Do You Have Your Tickets For The Great Pumpkin Beer Festival Yet?

It may still be August but don’t forget that October and this year’s Great Pumpkin Beer Festival are only 2 months away.  This is the second year the festival will be held at Elysian Brewing‘s new commercial brewing facility in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood.

This year’s fest will feature over 60 different pumpkin beers; 13 of which are from Elysian Brewing Company, including: Mr. Yuck Sour Pumpkin Ale, Night Owl, Great Pumpkin, Dark o’ the Moon Pumpkin Stout, Hansel and Gretel Ginger Pumpkin Pils, Coche de Medianoche (new!), Kürbitinus, PK-47 Pumpkin Malt Liquor, Headless Horsey (new!), Ursa Orange (new!) Mens Room Original Pumpkin Ale (new!) and Orange Manalishi (new!).  Wow!

Tapping the Great Pumpkin

Things have changed a bit this year regarding tickets for the festival.  All tickets this year will be pre-sold.  They went on sale last Firday, 8/17, and you can pick up yours at all Elysian Pubs (Capitol Hill, Tangletown & Elysian Fields).  You’ll need one ticket for each session:

SESSION 1 : FRI OCT 19 from 4pm-10pm
SESSION 2 : SAT OCT 20 from 11am-4pm
SESSION 3 : SAT OCT 20 from 5pm-10pm

If you want to make sure you can attend the session(s) you want, don’t delay.  Get down to one of Elysian’s locations today to grab your Great Pumpkin Beer Festival tickets ASAP.  Tickets are also available at Full Throttle Bottles on Airport Way South – or online at Brown Paper Tickets starting on the 24th.

One of my pumpkin beers from the 2011 festival

So enjoy what’s left of our fleeting Seattle Summer, then get ready to bundle up, as Fall comes on, with a great pumpkin beer!  For more details, check out the official web page for this year’s festival.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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