Hopfest 2012 Starts Thursday, September 27th – NOW WITH FULL TAP LIST (9/26)

One of my favorite annual Seattle Craft Beer events, Hopfest, is coming up fast.  Brouwer’s Cafe decided to push back the date for Hopfest to a bit later in September this year, in hopes of getting a few more fresh hopped beers to feature at this year’s event.  So Hopfest 2012 is set to kick off on Thursday, September 27th and run through the weekend.

This is the quintisential event for hopheads in the Seattle area.  All of Brouwer’s 64 taps will be taken over by various IPAs.  You can expect to see some popular IPAs, Double IPAs and other IPA styles, and Brouwer’s always seems to pull a few special rarities out of their hat as well.  Each attendee at hopfest gets to cast their vote for their favorite IPA from the festival.  Last year’s winners, by popular vote, were:

1. Founders Devil Dancer
2. HUB Bourbon Ace of Spades
3. Left Coast Hop Juice

The full tap list for this years festival has not yet been announced, but I will post it up as soon as it becomes available.  My mouth is already watering in anticipation (UPDATE – See FULL tap list below).

Hopfest is also a chance for Brouwer’s to change up their regular menu and get creative within the ‘hoppy’ theme.  Menu choices last year included such selections as Kangaroo steak, Frog’s Legs, and Rabbit.  Get it?  They all hop!  So prepare your pallate for some serious hops and some seriously gourmet ‘hoppy’ food.  If you can’t make it on Thursday the 27th don’t worry, becuase hopfest continues through the weekend until all the kegs have been drained.  I hope to see you there.

EDIT: The full tap list has now been posted by Brouwer’s Cafe.  It can be found HERE. 

All prices on the list are for 12oz pours.  According to Brouwer’s Cafe:

“If there isn’t a price next to an item it means that we don’t have it in the cooler. I usually shy away from posting info about stuff unless its actually in the cooler, but I’ll take a chance on it. Hope that wets your appetite. See you Thursday.”

Come on out on 9/27 to get your fill.  There will be plenty of single and double IPAs, as well as some great fresh hop beers.  I hope to see you there. 

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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