Dean Mochizuki Becomes The New Head Experimental Brewer at Reuben’s Brews


Earlier this month, I told you about Reuben’s Brews teaming up with Zeeks Pizza for a special Pale Ale that will be available only at Zeeks Pizza locations around the Sound.  In that post I also told you about Reuben’s current expansion plans, and how they’re converting their current/old brewing space to a new experimental brewery.

Now, Reuben’s is pleased to announce that Dean Mochizuki, who has been with Pike Brewing Company for over 12 years and their head brewer since 2011, is leaving Pike and joining Reuben’s Brews as their new head experimental brewer.  This is a great move for Dean who, I’m sure, will have a great time experimenting and coming up with delicious new brews for Reuben’s.

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Pike Brewing And Peet’s Coffee Join The 2015 Mariners Food And Drink Lineup At Safeco Field


Last April, I told you about a preview event at Safeco Field where I, along with several other members of the local media, were invited to sample some of the food and drink set to be offered for the 2014 Seattle Mariners baseball season.  It was quite a spread, with delicious food including: Dungeness crab rolls, ‘Dirty’ Tots, Manny’s Beer Battered Fish And Chips, and several other delicious offerings.  Plus, of course, one of the best beer selections offered at any major league baseball stadium.

I’ve been invited back again this year to check out some new offerings for this year’s menu, including: Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs, the Seattle Burger, Edgar’s Tacos and more.  Plus the addition this year of Pike Brewing Company beers on tap and Peet’s Coffee.

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Bellevue Brewing’s SIPA Arrives On April 1st


The return of Spring in the Northwest brings with it a desire to enjoy more beers outside.  This wonderfully warm and early Spring we’ve been having is beginning to turn my palate away from all those dark, silky, luscious Stouts and Porters and back towards the hoppy goodness of IPAs.  I just want to sit out on a patio on a nice, sunny day and enjoy a pint.

Many of the IPAs I seem to enjoy the most are Double/Imperial IPAs, meaning they are both hoppier and higher in alcohol than most single IPAs.  There’s something about that extra hop and alcohol punch that really agrees with my taste buds.  Of course, there are other times where I still want the hops, but I want something lighter than I can enjoy more than just one or two of before having to stop.  That’s where the ‘Session’ IPA (SIPA) comes in.

Often a Seasonal offering (though I did just recently tell you about Firestone Walker’s Easy Jack, which is now available year round), Session IPAs are more prevalent in the Spring and Summer months.  Now, Bellevue Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) is set to release their Session IPA.

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Belgian Beer Month Is Coming At Beveridge Place Pub

BPP Logo

Whenever I’m asked what my favorite beer is, I don’t really have a good answer.  Sure, I’m a Hophead (and s Stouthead, and a Sourhead) but I really enjoy all styles of beer.  So selecting just one favorite from the vast ocean of choices out there is a rather daunting, if not impossible task.  My ‘favorite’ beer is the freshly poured one in front of me, which I’m enjoying at this very moment.  Beyond that, I really don’t think declaring a favorite matters much.

That doesn’t mean I don’t prefer certain styles over others.  In general, I’m much more of an Ale drinker than a Lager drinker.  That can probably be said for most craft beer fans too, since the vast majority of craft beers out there are Ales (though there are some very fine craft Lagers out there too).  I’m starting to wonder if that attitude isn’t becoming more prevalent across the nation as well, as evidence by Budweiser’s falling sales and craft beer, for the first time ever, reaching double digits in market share.

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Firestone Walker Brings Easy Jack Back Year Round

Firestone Walker Logo

The ‘Session’ IPA has become a popular style for hopheads who sometimes want a lower alcohol brew, so that we can enjoy more of them in an afternoon without getting too sloshed or being ready for a nap.  I have a few local favorites (including Trailhead ISA from Two Beers Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) and Son Of Birdserker from Black Raven Brewing (CBM Sponsor)), however both of these beers are Seasonal and not available year round.

The same was true of Firestone Walker’s Easy Jack Session IPA when it first arrived last Summer.  Due to its popularity, Firestone actually ran out of the hops needed to make this tasty brew.  To ensure that won’t happen again, Firestone’s own Matt Brynildson traveled to Germany last year to secure the necessary supplies of the hops he’d need.  As a result, Firestone Walker Brewing Company is now set to offer Easy Jack Session IPA year round.

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Basil Mint Announced As New Spring Seasonal For Seattle Cider Company


We don’t need to wait for the 20th, and who knows what that silly groundhog was thinking.  Spring has definitely arrived early this year in the Northwest and we’re loving all that sunshine and unseasonable warmth.  Seattle Cider Company has noticed too, and are very excited to announce their new Spring Seasonal release: Basil Mint Cider.

Made with an amazing 118 pounds of fresh basil and mint in each batch, Seattle Cider Co’s Basil Mint cider replaces their popular Gin Botanical, which was previously their Spring Seasonal but, due to it’s popularity, is now available year round.

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Black Raven Brewing Releases Feral – 2015 Vintage


Black Raven Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) is at it again. Since the start of 2015 they’ve already brought us Raven de Garde, Coco Jones Coconut Porter and La Mort Rouge (which arrived just yesterday).  Not to mention La Petite Mort’s appearance at Belgianfest in January.  Now, arriving tomorrow, March 14th, Black Raven brings us Feral – 2015 Vintage.

A Gold Medal winner at the 2012 North American Beer Awards (Experimental category), Feral is a Hybrid Saison, brewed with Washington wine yeast.

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Foggy Noggin Brewing Turns 5 Next Saturday


One of the smallest production breweries in Washington is gearing up for a big celebration.  Foggy Noggin Brewing Company‘s founder and head brewer, Jim Jamison first received a homebrew kit from his wife way back in 1992 and was hooked.  It may have taken a while but 15 years later (after Jim spent several years with Northwest Brew News), he discussed the idea of opening a brewery with his family and finally, in March of 2010, Foggy Noggin Brewing was born.

Brewing on a small 1/2 barrel system, Jim has his hands full keeping up with demand.  He’ll often post about double and even triple brew days, working hard to ensure there’s enough Fn beer to go around.  Now, 5 years after first opening their doors to the public, it’s time to for Foggy Noggin to celebrate their 5th Anniversary.  There will be an anniversary cake, 10 taps flowing and a special Anniversary Ale.

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Join Breakside And Mammoth For A Lunch Break This Friday

Breakside Mammoth Pairing Event

Breakside Brewing Company out of Portland makes some solid beers.  I really enjoy their Wanderlust IPA, their seasonal Salted Caramel Stout and their Bourbon Barrel-Aged Aztec.  Now, Breakside has two new beers: Lunch Break ISA and Amuse Belgian-Style Ale, and they’ll be pairing them up with sandwiches from Mammoth in Seattle this Friday, March 13th.

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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day Early With Bellevue Brewing Company


Are you feeling Irish yet?  Everyone has a bit ‘o the Irish in ‘em on St. Patrick’s Day.  Unfortunately it’s on a Tuesday this year so, if you’re usually one to overdo it a bit on St. Pat’s, you’ll have to try to control yourself a bit, especially if you have to work the next day.  Or will you?  Read on.

Traditionally, and contrary to popular modern belief, St. Patrick’s Day is not primarily about drinking.  The day commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, as well as celebrating the heritage and culture of the Irish in general.  It’s that ‘celebrating the heritage and culture of the Irish in general’ that leads people to think that, since the Irish have acquired a bit of a reputation or rather stereotype as a people who really enjoy drinking.

The stereotype isn’t necessarily wrong.  According to 2012 figures, annual beer consumption is 98.3 liters per person in Ireland.  The only countries with higher figures are Poland, Estonia, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic.  The U.S. is farther down the list with an average of 77.1 liters per person.

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